Shenzhen TRY-Precision Co., Ltd(TRY). is an industry-leading manufacturer of high-end integrated circuit testing equipment with dynamic mechanical sensors as its core technology. A high-tech enterprise focusing on the research, production and sales of semiconductor microelectronics precision testing systems. The company’s strong technical strength and product development have been widely recognized by the market; MFM series semiconductor micro-solder joint strength testing system, ABT series fully automatic non-destructive wire bond strength test system, ABT2000W series fully automatic wafer-level bump strength test system, etc., are all world-leading performers. These testers lead the industry and occupy the mainstream position of similar equipment in the Asia-Pacific region. The overall technical performance level is recognized as "internationally leading" by industry experts.

The company has a strong R&D team and technical capabilities, in-depth development of motion control systems, data acquisition and analysis and processing algorithm systems, intelligent visual recognition algorithms, servo motor drive systems, signal processing systems and circuit design, mechanical structure design, dynamic mechanical sensors, etc., It has always insisted on mastering core technology and continued to promote innovation.

The product has been used in the market for more than ten years, and after a long period of market presence, it has gained global recognition and trust. It is now the market leader in mainland China and the Asia-Pacific region with internationally renowned customers such as: ASE / Microchip / Panasonic / Toshiba / Mitsubishi / SONY / Tanaka, etc. TRY-Precision is an important member of the packaging and testing equipment maker in the international semiconductor industry chain.

Our Team
Our company has a strong technical R&D team and R&D strength, including mechanics experts, semiconductor manufacturing process professionals, senior experts in the field of automation and other elites.
Certificates and Honors
Special special "Little giant"
High-tech Enterprise Certificate
SEMI Certificate
patent for invention
ISO9001 Certificate
Scientific Achievement Appraisal Certificate
patent for invention
Development History
won the fourth batch of specialized and special new "little giant" enterprises
the ABT2000W wafer-level automatic packaging and testing system was successfully launched;
the company was included in the key cultivation echelon of small and medium-sized enterprises in Shenzhen;
the company passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification;
the company won the Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise Certificate;
the FS1000 series universal material test system was successfully launched;
the MFM1500L high-precision micro-solder joint strength test system was successfully launched;
the MFM1000 multi-functional micro-solder joint strength test system was successfully launched;
won the "2021 Shenzhen Specialized, Specialized, Special and New Small and Medium-sized Enterprises"
the ABT2000L fully automatic non-destructive bonding wire testing system was successfully launched;
the company was rated as the 2016 Guangdong Province Integrity Demonstration Enterprise;
the Huoke series Huoke A100 new energy power battery thick aluminum wire bonding tensile force detection system was successfully launched;
the company won the national high-tech enterprise certificate;
the MFM1500HF 500kg shear force testing system was successfully launched;
the MFM1200L multi-function micro-solder joint strength test system was successfully launched;
Shenzhen Deruiyin Precision Technology Co., Ltd. was established;
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