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Hook A100 New Energy Power Battery Wire Bond Tension Testing System
Product Introduction
* VPM Vertical Traction Patented Technology
* DGFT® Intelligent Digital Closed Loop Technology
* 24Bit Ultra High Resolution
* High Accuracy
* Highly Automated
* High Efficiency
Product Feature
1 VPM Vertical Traction Patented Technology
For the first time in the industry, TRY has realized that the main shaft has no deflection and no horizontal displacement during the tensile testing, which completely eliminates the adverse effect of the component force after the deflection of main shaft on the testing results.

2 DGFT® Intelligent Digital Closed Loop Technology
With the highly efficient automatic control capability, and the VPM Vertical Traction Patented Technology, it has realizes the highly intelligent precision dynamic non-destructive testing, precision force application, and complete inspection of products without damage.

3 24Bit Ultra High Resolution
The system has an ultra high resolution of 24Bit, and keeps consistent resolution in the full measuring range.

4 High Accuracy
By virtue of blueberry technology, the accuracy of sensors is 0.05%FS and the system testing accuracy is ± 0.25% FS.

5 Highly Automated
By virtue of the online and highly integrated power cell production line, combined with automatic inlet and outlet system, automatic pattern recognition and positioning technology, the system has realizes high intelligence, automated and unmanipulated testing.

6 High Efficiency
Due to its ultra-high efficiency testing capability, the detection efficiency can be up to 2s when matching with the production efficiency of production line.
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