Technical Advantages
VPM Vertical Positioning Patented Technology
The sensor adopts vertical displacement and positioning technology and our invention patent, which, in principle, completely eliminates the difficulties in realizing more strict micro contact precision positioning and the ideal vertical traction testing, and provides a new and higher level solution for the precise micro-mechanical measurement.
DGFT Technology
DGFT Intelligent Digital Closed-loop Control Technology significantly enhances the anti-interference capability of equipment, optimizes the ability of testing module to adapt to various testing environments, and ensures the reliability and consistency of the test data of the same testing module on different hosts.
Auto Range
The force signal resolution is upgraded from the traditional 12Bit to 24Bit, and all test sensors are available for automatic switching of test ranges, enabling testing more convenient and concise and getting rid of manual operation.
Hot Ball/Bump Pull Hot Ball
The newly designed HBP testing module independently developed according to market demand has a high degree of integration. The testing process covers heating, constant temperature, cooling and vertical upward pulling.
High-performance Sensor
The sensors are independently developed and manufactured with high frequency response and high accurate dynamic.
Fully Automatic Non-destructive Bond
Strength Testing
The unique non-destructive bond wire testing system can meet customers’ needs for conducting the non-destructive full inspection.
Fully Automatic Wafer-level Packaging
Test System
It is the first fully automatic wafer-level packaging test system in a real sense, realizing automatic loading and unloading of wafers and analysis of failure mode.
Heavy-load Shear Tester
It is a high-precision heavy-load shear tester, namely MFM1500HF. Equipped with a solid body design, it can carry out the testing with a load of 1000KG.
High-precision Shear Positioning Technology
Shear height positioning range is less than 1um
Optional positioning accuracy: ±0.5um/±0.25um
Passivation Shear Through Testing
Based on VPM vertical positioning technology, high-precision optical scale is integrated into the module to identify the downward cutting depth of the passivation layer during the test, but ensure that the shear height during testing is within the error range with the theoretical shear height.
Excellent Maneuverability
It boasts of all-round protection measures, featured by the comfortable hand feel and powerful software compatibility.
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